Oh Boys
Oh Boys

Forget everything you ever knew about perfume !

Foamous is an ode to love from you to you, it is the magic wand that will bring joy to your life and revolutionise your beauty. But above all, it is a foam perfume that is totally unique.
Oh wow ! The journey through space and time to awaken the modern and revolutionary being lying dormant inside you has already begun !

Foamous, the surprising and sexy perfume mousse

The spray is definitely dead !

Foamous is a light foam that will delicately perfume your body. It penetrates easily leaving just softness on your skin !
Science offers you a healthy new beauty routine.
The scent’s persistence is comparable to an eau de parfum, and comes in wide range of addictive fragrances, your body needs Foamous !

Ah ! the Sixties… a time overflowing with life’s simple pleasures. We drank milkshakes without GMOs and walked on the moon.
Discover why this unique experience is irresistible.

Well Ok… We know Foamous didn’t exist back then !

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