Parfum Foamous Pin Up

You’ll know everything about Foamous, the foam perfume your body craves

The official definition for Foamous in the Encyclopædia Universalis : The result of the contraction between the English words Foam and Famous, Foamous is a highly addictive brand created in France. A hybrid between beauty products and perfume, Foamous is a fragrant, long lasting and moisturising foam that all modern pinups, revolutionary bad boys, and other earthlings must have in their bathrooms. Aficionados keep a bottle handy at all times. 11 women’s fragrances, 4 men’s fragrances, and 4 Chupa Chups fragrances, have set out to conquer the world.

Under the Acapulco sun, you will be the idol of an entire generation

Thanks to its innovative formulation, Foamous perfumes you, whatever the situation. At the beach, lying on the sand or riding a dolphin, your perfume follows you. It’s your best asset, it marks your territory. Unlike traditional eaux de parfum, with Foamous, you can sunbathe. Viva la libertad !

Soft as a marshmallow, you will love how Foamous moisturises your skin

With only 3% alcohol and an aloe vera formulation, Foamous is safe for your skin and penetrates easily. Even better, it moisturises your skin. Apply Foamous to your neck, your arms or in the hollow of your sexy knees… and even to your locks. Do you dream of softness, frivolity, and saving time in your bathroom every morning ? Look no further ! Foamous perfumes and moisturises you !

Do you enjoy — like Brigitte — gingham pattern and animals ?

Well, we’re not going to do it again for you, you know that humanity is not always very nice to animals, our friends on this Earth. Especially when it comes to beauty products. Foamous is one of those brands that believe that beauty and respect go well together. Well, it is good to know when you delight in using Foamous every morning, no nice animal will have been mistreated so that you can can feel good.

Even if you don’t like carrots, you can do something for your health and your skin

And you must be tired of glowing at night, right ? Perhaps you should consider using Foamous, the moisturising foam perfume that is free of endocrine disrupters, parabens, silicone, sulphates and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate. In addition, Foamous is highly effective : it has a fragrance persistence of up to 6 hours, worthy of a traditional eau de parfum, but is also healthy and moisturises ! With Foamous, there is only one risk… Your mother will pinch it. Watch out !

Are you a Foamous fan ?

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